Websites I've Created
These are sites and other digital projects I've personally developed, including all code, graphics, and sometimes copywriting, except as noted. Where available, links to the working sites are included. Most have been turned over to clients; some are no longer in existence; and others are still running strong. Read the descriptions for a look at what makes each project special: embedded video, fully-CSS-based layouts, content management system integration, or just some interesting code. Thanks for taking a look, and I hope you like what you see.

Smart Start of Forsyth County -
Smart Start of Forsyth County - Here, I did back-end site building for a non-profit child development organization. Smart Start partnered with local design firm, Fifth Letter for the look and feel as part of a complete branding program, and I worked from Fifth Letter's layered Photoshop files to build the website online. The site is entirely, 100% CSS-based for layout and styling, with a custom Javascript-based menu for easy navigation. I also implemented Google Search for the site and provided training once deployed for content management.

North Carolina Wesleyan College - personalized microsite
North Carolina Wesleyan College Microsite - Using a promotional video produced by the college along with some wonderful student photography, I developed this microsite as part of a personalized URL campaign for prospective students. I converted and embedded the video, which plays automatically on page load. The idea was to highlight that the college, while not in a major metropolis, has much to offer, as noted by U.S. News and World Report. Visitors to the site were encouraged to come to a series of open houses with dates that changed throughout the year, all featured on this single microsite.

Kasper Law - website
Kasper Law - This is a site I created for a local law firm. The assignment was to produce a clean, easily navigable layout supporting an overview of the firm's specialties. I based the site entirely in Wordpress, using a modified open source theme to give maximum flexibility while allowing for updates by the client through the Wordpress CMS.
 PhoneTree - website redesign
PhoneTree - This was a proposed site redesign for a telecommunications company where I worked in-house for several years. I created the layout and all code for this working demo of the front page. The code is the best coding I've ever done, and I encourage you to have a look at the source. All layout and typesetting are 100% CSS-based, and all sections of the layout are neatly commented. Soon after designing this, I left on good terms to pursue other opportunities, and the company went with another design as part of an overall rebrand.

The Less Desirables -
The Less Desirables - A site I developed for a local podcast, using Wordpress as a content management system. I developed a custom theme, and worked closely with the clients on training for updates. I also developed the logos and all branding for the project. They were even good enough to feature me on an episode where I talk about design and creativity. Behold, I ramble on.

Residential Condominium Properties - - This is a website for current and prospective residents of a downtown condominium building. The site provides basic information to visitors and has a password-protected residents-only area to house unit owner and resident contact information. Having a site for the building itself helps with rental and for-sale listings when potential tenants/homebuyers are searching online for information about the units in the building.

851 West Fourth Street, Condominium #17 - - When I was looking to sell my condominium (now rented... but hey, make an offer if you like), I turned to Wordpress for a visually-rich and user-friendly site. I linked to materials developed by my realtor, community information, and a photo gallery of the property. Using Google Analytics, I was able to adjust the site based on keyword searches for optimal visibility, and I also made everything easy to share via social media channels.

Better Business Bureau Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics - event site
Better Business Bureau National Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics - This is a website I was commissioned to create for a Better Business Bureau awards event. The site featured promotional event information as well as a registration/application process to encourage participation. I also created all of the marketing and communication pieces for the event, including registration forms and print advertising.

Brownstone Homeowners' Association -
Brownstone Homeowners Association - This is a basic website I developed for a homeowners association as a tool for new residents and the community overall. The direction here was to keep things as basic as possible, hence the minimal content. I did all the site photography and used the sign at the community entrance as the site header.

Granville Homes - website & logo design
Granville Homes - Here's a site I developed for a homebuilding company, using Joomla for the content management system. The company has since rebranded (which is why I link to an archived version), but this was the design that got things started for the business. It featured a customized Joomla template that I built, Flickr-based galleries of newly-constructed homes (we used Flickr for easy sharing), and a customized Google Maps to highlight each of the home communities, with customizable driving directions. I also developed the animated Flash header and the Granville Homes logo.

Electrical South - website design
Electrical South - Here's a proposed site redesign I created for an electronics repair company. What's neat about is that the whole thing is rendered as an animated .gif, with links from the main page set in motion to illustrate navigation. I created the layout to their specifications to display customer-specific details for logged-in clients. I also created that nifty montage graphic. The company has since been purchased by another electronics repair business.

Maryville College - personalized mail campaign
Maryville College - Using a predetermined design scheme based on the college's newly-developed marketing materials, I developed a series of customized emails to prospective students. These featured recipients' names and other previously-supplied details as part of the content. A print campaign, that I also designed, directed recipients to personalized-URL landing pages (below).

Maryville College - personalized microsite
Maryville College Microsite - Here's the landing page of a microsite I developed as part of a print/email/PURL campaign for a Tennessee college. Recipients would receive personalized emails and mailers that would direct them to their own personalized landing page, making it easy to request a follow-up call, campus tour, or more information with pre-filled fields in a web form. The microsite even featured a customized map with driving directions from the recipient's area. While I did not handle the back-end variable data programming, I can definitely put you in touch with folks who specialize in that (and then maybe design your campaign!).

Pirate's Cove Email - This is an email template I developed for use as part of a personalized URL campaign, along with a companion microsite and postal mailer, each featuring variable data based on recipient. These types of campaigns have a much higher conversion rate than just email or just mail; recipients want to see these personalized sites, and it's very easy for them to request a demo, more information, or a call back.

Pirate's Cove - personalized microsite
Pirate's Cove Microsite - Here's a landing page developed as part of a personalized URL marketing campaign. It features recipient data pre-filled in the forms for easy conversion, and a customized map with directions to the property from the recipient's address. This layout uses a Flash header graphic that, while I did not create, made the perfect complement to the site.

Peace College Email - As part of a personalized URL digital campaign for prospective students, I developed a series of emails directing recipients to customized landing pages, or microsites. Shown here is just one of a series of different emails I created based around different themes. 

 Grandover Conference Center - personalized microsite
Grandover Conference Center - This is a personalized URL (PURL) landing page I developed in conjunction with a mailer featuring recipients' first and last names pre-printed on each individual mailer that lead to the personalized web pages encouraging visitors to book events there.

Wilkerson College Lodge -
Wilkerson College Lodge Website - Here's a site I created for a "travelling" Freemason lodge, whose focus is education. The lodge has a series of events throughout the year, and this site was designed in static html for a Dreamweaver-ready content management approach, per the client's request.

9 Baby Ravens Photography - website design
9 Baby Ravens Website - This is a template site for a photography business, 9 Baby Ravens. I was commissioned to create this image-rich site with an introductory section, a Polaroid-style gallery of photography types, a clients-only preview area, and a contact form. Designed for copy to be later supplied by the client, the site and imagery work here to convey a unique personal style.

Wagner Appliance Sales -
Wagner Appliance - This is a website for a retail appliance business. The site features a streming video playlist of the store's broadcast television commercials (inset), with content focused on increasing physical store traffi: directions, general product information, product guarantee details and more. I also designed the Wagner Appliance logo.
Websites I've Created

Websites I've Created

These are sites and other digital projects I've personally devloped, including all code, graphics, and sometimes copywriting, except as noted. Wh Read More