ORBITA clock
“Orbita” (orbit in English) is a wall clock that features a new formal approach. It defies the classic concept of clock, where the hands turn on a fixed central point, replacing them by two “turntables” that roll on a fixed plate. We have shown that the only elements needed to convey the user's perception of time are two dots: hours and minutes.

During the project, we have always tried to relate the spinning motions of the planets (orbit) to the passage of time. Our perception of time is made by the rotations of the earth, both on itself (day and night) and around the sun (a year). The same happens with the rotation of this watch, which intends to demonstrate the passage of time using this same circular movement.
The central space of the clock that appears as "emptiness" arose from the need to represent only, and in all its simplicity, the orbit of the dots. Nothing else matters.

This project was featured on Yanko Design and Design Milk.
Last year, this clock was distinguished with the second prize of the "Guilherme Award", organized by Associative Design Portugal.
ORBITA clock