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Concerning the current topics of surveillance and the possibility of being spied on, this project serves as a critical reflection of what an intrusion into a mobile device could mean. 

Some people are taping over the webcam on their laptop – however, they tend to leave the mobile phone out. The fact, that those devices are internet-capable, have two cameras pointing in different directions and include a microphone as well, makes them very interesting and powerful tools if another party gains access inside them.

The project shows what’s possible in this case by working in two parts: interested volunteers were able to download an Android app from Google Play (now inactive) and activate the spying timeframe. During this phase, two images, one screenshot and a couple of seconds of audio are going to get taken randomly and uploaded to the second part: an online exhibition space in form of a web page. Recent captures and audio recordings are being displayed in a loop, until new data from other volunteers arrives.

The triptych hereby provides a multi-dimensional insight: the cameras show what's happening physically in front and back of the phone, while a screenshot dives into another level – leaves the tangible space – and displays what's happening virtually inside the device during the temporary intrusion. Additionally, the audio snippet creates a virtual sound space and supports the gained data in another level.

As of 25 May 2018 and due to GDPR, the project has been archived. All links are offline and this page serves as documentation of the work. It might get re-activated in the future. 

Idea, Concept & Design:
Lazar Jeremic |

Programming & Technical Consulting:
Michael Lotz |

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Mobile device surveillance as participative project for online art exhibition