The Holding Pattern 2
Fine art by Bryce Hudson
Each piece: 72" tall by 36" wide. Year of creation: 2010. Archival Chromographic print with one or two color screen print overlay.

My latest series of photo-based prints is entitled Holding Pattern. My subjects are attractive women in their mid 20s to late 30s, and superimposed upon their faces are monochromatic decorative patterns, the combination of which brings to the surface ideas of symmetry, objects of decoration and femininity. This is the start of a much larger body of work that will soon appear in my paintings and ultimately installation work. The final works are displayed via archival heat transfer print on board, and I hope to experiment soon with the sizing and placement of the subjects as well as the positioning of the images within the exhibition space.

Experimentation and evolution are essential to the development of all artists. In my opinion, an artist’s worth is based on his or her ability to grow and change with his or her surroundings and to also inspire transformation and progress in others.

The future of my work is in finding a balance between the precision my artistic approach and the paradox presented in the questions I explore. I am continually fascinated by the apparent contrast between new and old and I strive to find a place where preservation meets innovation. While employing the modernity of clean lines and bold colors, the familiarity of icons plucked from popular culture’s past along with interpretations drawn from my own experiences, I hope to accurately depict my experience and define my voice as a member of contemporary American society. Within this juxtaposition of contrasting forms and subject matter, I hope to impart a sense of originality, an astute commentary on modern society and the creation of a unique graphic vision for the future.
Holding Pattern 2 (Erica)