This was a scene we originally created to test out some new HDRI's we had in the office but it turned into a scene to test a few other ways of doing things as well.

As always we started off with some good reference material, most of which was found through google image search and various websites.
We then created the basis for the scene which consisted of a decking base with some modeled wood to create the frame and then some basic planes for the fabric panels. We created a Plane for the flooring and gave it a lift at the edges so as to not see through the trees too far and then we added in some furniture to give a sense of scale.
Tree assets

We used 2 types of tree and populated most of them using a particle system and then a fantastic script  which converted all particles to a given asset (Evermotion tutorial can be found here We also used the object painter tool to get a little more variation and density where needed.
Ground assets

For the main area of grass around the tent we used a displacement grass and then as we went further from the center we had 2 more types of grass. We used, the longer patches for the background and the smaller ones nearer the tent. We also added in some random weeds and some flowers to break up the grass and some leaves to create some interest on the shortest grass. All of the assets we used in the scene were converted to VrayProxies to keep the file size down and make it a little easier to navigate the viewports.
Render without materials
After placing the assets into the scene, and finally being happy, and tweaking the materials we rendered out the base file along with a couple of passes for post-production tweaking.
VRay Global Illumination pass
VRay Lighting pass
VRay Shadows pass
VRay WireColor pass
And this is the final outcome. There are still things we'd like to tweak so we might revisit this when time allows but for now its something different that gives us something to test our HDRI's on.
Thanks for reading.