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    Samples from a couple of vfx shots prepared for an ambitious indie sci-fi feature '95ers: Echoes'.
Early in 2012 and additionally in 2013, I contributed a number of VFX shots to a very ambitious indie sci-fi feature '95ers: Echoes'. Shots included the whole work, from initial design through matte painting of post-apocalyptic Washington D.C., 3D models, animation and various visual effects, like spaceships' attack and explosions (using mostly keyframe animation in Maya) up to final compositing using AE and Nuke. It was the first project I had to wear so many hats, it was a challenge but a lot of fun, too. Audience and scifi fans appreciated the work as I won 'Best CGI' award at Louisville Fright Night Film Fest. The movie was also awarded with an overall award for VFX at Salt Lake Comic Con.
Some snapshots:
Large image requested for the promotional movie poster:
Two versions of the cover box (with an alternate title used in some territories):
Trailer for the movie: