The objetive:
to design an easy to built furniture system that didn't require any tools or screws to be assembled. The design would later be built by the author as part of oficinalab's woodworking workshop and exposed at the 2016 Expomaker.
The inspiration:
the system proposed draws inspiration from the traditional japanese wooden puzzle named Kumiki, which roughly translates as to join wood together. The joinery design is also inspired by Kengo Kuma, renowned architect whose works embody aspects of the japanese woodwork and craftsmanship.
For oficinalab's workshop, the Kumiki System was adapted as an L-shaped stand, consisting of two types of shelves and four types of beams. By assembling and twisting the beams the system locks itself in a tridimensional truss, eliminating the need for screws. Light and easily demountable, the system can withstand as much weight as a regular stand.
Truss joint.
Photo by Oficinalab.
Kumiki System Stand, as built and exposed at oficinalab's Expomaker 2016.
Photo by Oficinalab.
Kumiki System as a living room dresser. Light and demountable, the system is capable of withstanding as much weight as regular furniture.
Photo by the author.
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