Mustus – the naturally recyclable jeans! With this unique design, it was essential for the branding to deliver the message with stile and enthusiasm. Therefore result was a brand with a retro sense and interesting images.

The focus of the logo is the retro sense and graphic appearance Mustus has. It is designed to be clear, memorable and versatile. The selected font is peculiar and in addition builds the character of the brand, while the rest of the text is in Open Sans to be discreet and stylish. To define headlines and such, different variations and sizes of Open Sans can be used.

The colors of the brand is a key element to attain the retro feeling the logo initiated. The two main colors are dark grey with a hint of brown, and a “washed out” beige. As a result, these two enhances the message of recycling. Working together with the logo they are the foundations of Mustus’s brand.

The website was developed in order to make information about Mustus available for consumers, yet the information was not allowed to take over. The answer was a website with large imagery behind smaller paragraphs of text. The images heighten the jeans in captivating forrest environments and mediates everything Mustus represents – naturalness and rethingking.

The brochure with information and warranty the comes with the purchase of Mustus jeans is structured based on the same principle as the website. Same goes for the advertisement.

Most of all the jeanstag was an important detail. There you will find the logo and the goal was to make the wearer of the jeans proud to show it off. Therefore it got a big but discreet version of the logo, produced on a leatherlike material made on mushroon fiber.

Finally, the business card builds on the same idea as the jeanstag and has a big logo on the front. Only the necessary information is included on the back. In that way the whole branding follows the same thread and consequently the message is delivered in a clear and fresh way.