Acting as a link between small charities and countries in need of help, One Link offeres help and support for organisations that might struggle performing the work they want to. Their goal is to ensure that the smaller organisations can accomplish their goals and make the changes they want to, through support and community.

In order to accomplish this it is necessary that the profile is clean and clear, focusing on the message at hand – community and helpfullness. At the development of the logo it was obvious that a symbol needed to be used. The answer was a literal link of humans all holding hands. In conjunction with the name in a soft and clear font the message is delivered at first glance.

The clear yellow color used has been developed to create a warm and humane element in the profile and give One Link a distinct character that catches the attention. It also works as a color of cautionary and signals something is urgent.

The font used in the logo is reoccuring in headlines and used in connection with a simple sans serif throughout all material. A lot of the design is information focused to be direct and make the necessary paperwork less complicated.

This results in an information focused profile with a clear message. There is also a humane side of the branding, making it accessible despite being very proifessional.