With the goal to be completely environmentally sustainable and ecological, Kafijas needed a logo and profile to match and enhance the vision. To start with the logo, the slogan became ”the ecological café”. The founding year is incorporated to highlight the sustainability, and the name – Kafijas _ has the main focus. A symbol of a few leaves is also part of the logo, returning throughout the profile.

A little bit of color was desired, although nothing too ”crazy”. A washed out dark green was selected, reflecting the environment aspect of the brand. It is also working together with the brown and beige packaging, creating a natural look.

The same sentence build is found in different variations throughout the packaging, for example ”the coffee to go” and ”the lunch to go”. This creates a recognition and a uniqueness in the brand. Another big point in the packaging design is the sustainability, all the cups, bags and containers are manufactured in recycled and decomposable material, although still not compromising the quality.

A full page ad was designed for the re-launch of the café. The ad is printed in the same beige as the packaging to reflect the brand values. The ad was kept simple with an illustration of a coffee cup, with the aim of being relatable and memorable.

Throughout the profile the logo plays the main character. It is in the focus and the rest of the profile works with it and creates a memorable brand.