From the design of the lamp, the name and branding grew. The designer of the lamp took pride in the unique design he accomplished and wanted to focus on the simplicity and versitality of the construction. The design is simple and sophisticated, saving space in the home and doesn’t draw attention form the rest of the decor. It comes in three trendy metallic colors, all inspired and named after the subtle meaning they hold.

Pherum, the name of the lamp, is inspired by “ferrum”, the latin word for iron. The lamp is made in aluminium, making it lightweight and the colors natural. The colors were selected since they make the lamp easily manufactured in a material with naturally elegant colors.

Naming the three metalls was a big part of the branding, they needed to describe the color to the consumer and at the same time deliver the feeling of elegance the lamp holds. The result was three names with regal words, since the metalls used are gold, silver and bronze; Imperial Gold, Royal Silver och Majestic Silver.

All details around the branding are based on and inspired by the design of the lamp. It’s clean and feels luxurious, without any unnecessary clutter. Three specifically developed color codes are used to represent the three metallics in the branding materials and packaging.

The packaging is designed to present a sensation of luxury and make the buyer feel special. The box is clean with the logo on the front in the same metallic color as the lamp inside. No barcodes are directly visible on the packaging, and instructions and other information are on a folder at the bottom of the box underneath the padding. The lamp is already assembled and ready to plug in when in the box, thanks to the uniq flexible design.