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    Interactive piano that turns music into colors.
This summer, the OSM, Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal launched La Virée classique. a festival bringing classical music to the people from every background. SIP Production was hired to use the ''Place des Arts'' projection wall as a promotional media for the event. While most people were expecting a giant slideshow, Fred Forest, director of SIP, had bigger plans. With less than a month to deliver the project and a low budget, he did the impossible, an interactive piano turning music into graphics: Synesthesia. To make this possible, he hired the best programmer in Montreal, Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit and a rising star in the design world : Samuel Bernier. Together, managed by Bruno Mercure, they created one of the most magic events Montreal ever lived. Marika Bournaki, famous piano player, was the one who launched the first melodies. She left everyone stunned.

The video was shot and edited by François Del Fante
Music from the second outdoor concert of Marika Bournaki, august 8th 2012