Relendex is a London-based marketplace for investors seeking a low risk environment that produces high returns.
Our goal was to create a mobile app that is modern, easy-to-use and aware of interface patterns Relendex users are familiar with.


The percentage of mobile users of the Internet increases and current Relendex website feels out of date and is hard to use on mobile.

It was challenging for us in two ways: it was our first investing app and our first app for UK market. So communication with our client and analyst throughout the project helped us a lot.​​​​​​​

Design Research
Our target audience is middle-aged Londoners. We asked our client and friends from London about their daily life and what websites, newspapers, magazines they read. This research helped us create a unique but familiar visual identity.

Colors & Typography
We took current colors from website and tuned it up a little bit to make it brighter and more contrast for mobile.​​​​​​​
We chose Stag Semibold to make accents and San Francisco for headings and main text.

Finally we were ready to present our design concept.
We were a bit worried that our solution was too bold, but client loved it and accepted it right away.

Track your money flow on platform: Earned through Relendex, Transaction History, Parts in Loans.
A tap on a card opens details in fullscreen.

News and Notifications
We added quick access to notifications and the latest news from dashboard so that users wouldn’t miss anything important.​​​​​​​

Auction Marketplace consists of live auctions on which lenders can make bids​​​​​​​. As soon as the auction is funded it moves to Resale Marketplace, where a bid turns into a loan part and can be put on sale.

Tile and List View
We've thought about two display options for the list of auctions, tile view with the image of the property and compact card with the numbers only.

Auction Details
Auction screen contains all the important information to make a decision about placing a bid, including numbers, property descriptions and documents.
In live stream users can see the current bidding of other lenders in real time.

Placing a Bid
On review screen we show a short summary of auction and user’s funds on the platform. If everything is correct the lender enter amount to bid and short PIN for confirmation​​​​​​​.
Then the new bid can be found in pending bids in Portfolio section.

Cashier section keeps user's cards and shows transaction history. The app allows to top up or withdraw money and manage cards.

The lender can use several accounts for different purposes. We've made switching between them as simple as possible.
The name of the selected account is always displayed at the top of the screen so it won't be confusing. 

At the end of the project, we’ve created a set of icons matching simple forms we’ve been using in the design of the app.
Before and after ➡︎

The app is currently under construction and will be released soon.
You can take a closer look at some screens for now ➡︎

Made by robots for humans

Chief Creative Officer Max Desyatykh
Design Director Pavel Gorshkov
Art Director Sergey Galtsev
Designer Nastya Smirnova

Special thanks to our team ❤︎
Semen Kolosov, Vladimir Rumiantsev,
Ivan Smekalov, Valeria Terekhina,
Polina Rezvanova, Dmitry Nikiforov
and to our clients ❤︎ Ivan and Stanislav 

Relendex Mobile App