Modern portraits of old craftsmanship
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    Photograhic book.
Modern portraits of old craftsmanship
a photographic book in partnership with Alessandro Venier

This book is the result of a research lasted a year and a half. We visited more than 60 workshops meeting the last representatives of trades that are endangered. We portrayed them in their workspaces, where the final customer usually does not have access. Women and men, witnesses and architects of a world that, despite the difficulties, and the modernization continues to exist precisely, where it has always been. A reality that today more than ever shows us the way to an innovative succession planning – looking to the future without forgetting past.

Barbara Raffin and Lorenzo Menegaldo, florists
Alberto Pasqual, iron artist and smith
Roberto Golisano, shoemaker
Gioacchino Del Ben, Luca Vazzoler, Endrigo Sergio Antonio. Cheesemakers
Giuseppe Faggiotto, chocolate artisan
Pietro and Claudio Zanusso, millers
Francesco e Mauro Delle Vedove, goldsmiths
Carlo Tassan, sheperd
Luigi Baratta, barber
Vanni Bianchi, taxidermist
Eugenio Cristofoli, radiator repairer
For more information about the book, please visit its website.