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    Dual Screen app concept and execution for Sci-fi TV Series, Falling Skies.
Falling Skies is a science fiction drama series on FX UK created by Robert Rodat and produced by Steven Spielberg. Red Bee Media pitched some dual screen ideas to engage viewers and keep them on the channel throughout the broadcast of the TV series.

There were two routes for our dual screen app idea. One was a timeline concept which presented unlockable content, social media interactions, behind the scene clips, picture galleries and live polls.

All of which would scroll horizontally and will be time synced to the program while it is on air.

The second concept I came up with was a dual screen app which mimicked an alien interface to present an alternative perspective to the TV Series. By putting you in the shoes of an alien commander overseeing the invasion of Earth, you are presented with an alien UI.

This route allowed the dual screen technology and utility to be pushed beyond a companion app, value add the programming and allow the tablet device to take on an even more futuristic display.