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    Branding Strategies for Ten Ren.

Conceptual Flagship Store
Tea, is the 2nd. most consumed beverage on Earth, being the center of social rituals in many cultures, tea is beneficial to health and longevity. Ten Ren, as the largest and best known tea manufacturer in the Far East, has many benefits yet hasn't use its opportunities well. 

During my research, I found that because of the fast expanding poor quality control, Ten Ren is gradually losing its premium brand image. It is urgent to reestablish its brand image so that Ten Ren can continue to promote this precious heritage worldwide, and further translate tea drinking culture to a cool lifestyle.
Branding Strategies Overview.

Value Proposition: why, who, how, what, where.

Flagship Store Overview

Design Refinement.

The new logo design is inspired by Chinese calligraphy and the shape of tea leaves, giving it more Asian sense of touch.
The flagship store structure is based on the idea of Siheyuan, the traditional Chinese residence that was commonly found throughout China. For more detail photos please see below.
1F: Main Gift Shop.

2F: Tea Bar.

3F: Tea Restaurant.