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    2 programs design for David Wengertsman's digital cabaret and variety show series.
digital cabaret performance programs
program print design for 'Dearest Dirty Diaries' and 'electronicallyyours'
In 2001 and 2002 I designed the performance programs and print collateral ( postcards and posters ) for both of David Wengertsman's visionary digital cabaret series promoting an eclectic mix of performance art, video work, burlesque, happening, music and more. I also participated in the live event by projecting peripheral imagery and simulated cyberSurreal excerpted conversational snippets from typical chat and online virtual activity.
front + back cover design for 'Dearest Dirty Diaries: a cabaret in digital vision'
inside spread of the 'Dearest Dirty Diaries' program
front + back cover design for 'electronicallyyours: a cabaret of digital vision'
inside spread for 'electronicallyyours' program

the 'ethoughts' insert for 'electronicallyyours' providing a semifictional backdrop scenario for the evening's performances