• Fall off
              1. To become less; decrease
  • Birch Plywood - Pine1200mm x 800mm x 700mm
    Fall Off
    is a computer generated table in which surface density is defined by the placement of objects on a virtual table through a web interface.

    As a virtual object, for example a laptop or coffee cup, is moved around on the table, the epicenter of the structure follows. This forms supporting density on the top surface and structural form on the underside which accommodates splayed legs.

    The surrounding density is controllable through a digital falloff, representing a gradual decrease
    With the addition of more objects the density increases to a state of equilibrium with just enough structure to perform the required task but move it and it will
    Fall off
  •  What began as an investigation into surface, support, and density, originated from my knowledge of soft selection within the program Autodesk Maya, and the corresponding fall off.
  • "An innovative table design that combines edginess with a digital biology.” Alison Blain
  • "A beautiful and elegant form that uses digital technology to create a number of surfaces – both on top of and below the table.”  Heather Crichton
  • Voronoi

    The table utilises a voronoi pattern, which is a mathematical way of dividing a space into a number of regions.
    These regions are then able to be controlled by the user through an interface with different variables.

    Examples of different variations that can be achieved by manipulating the variables are shown below.
  • Initial investigations
  • Interface
  • Screenshots of the interface
  • Soft Selection + Fall off

    Soft Selection within Maya, allows you to partially select sub-objects in the vicinity of an explicit selection. This causes the explicit selection to behave as if surrounded by a "magnetic field." Partially selected sub-objects within the field are drawn along smoothly as you transform the sub-object selection; the effect diminishes with distance or the “strength” of the partial selection.

    This falloff is visible in the viewports as a color gradient surrounding the selection, conforming to the first part of the standard color spectrum
  • Soft selection colours and effect on the surrounding area (fall-off)