Musashino Art University Graduation Work  / 
Joint Graduation Exhibition of 5 Art Universities in Tokyo
2017 September - December / 2018 February 22th - March 4th 

Recently my works are all portraits or single objects. I seldom paint background or colourful objects. Having the opportunity of creating this graduation work, I tried to use all the skills I have learned in past 4 years. Aside from using tempera I also used some of my professors’ techniques, and in three months time I completed 3 pieces in M60 size. It is the biggest painting I have ever painted. I arrived at the idea after I finishing “GRAVITY series part 2”  .

 最近の作品は主に静物や肖像画だ、私は*GRAVITY seriesというシリーズ作品を描いて今回のテーマが浮かんだ。コンセプトは前の作品と繋いでいる。目に見えない感覚や圧力などを絵画で表現している。

GRAVITY series ​​​​​​​
Series work 03
Oil on panel  73.0 x 52.0 cm

GRAVITY series 
Series work 04
Oil on panel  70.7 x 50.0 cm

Title: Life
Oil on panel, M60 130.0 x 80.0 cm, 3 pieces 
The topic of my graduation work is “finding myself”, the model in the painting is not myself but it is representing my thoughts. I want to present the concept through the model in this painting. There are three panels from left side to right side, and three layers from near to far. From left to right the left part depicts the past. The people are wearing rubber rings and looking at the future, The figures in the centre panel are about to get into the pool or are considering leaving,  The people to the right are leaving the pool or looking back to the past.

From near to far, the people in the front depict the present, the people swimming in the pool are in the near future and the lone figure in the background represents the far unknown future.

​​​​​​​ 今回の卒業制作については、画面は左から右まで、前から後ろの背景まで、三つのレイヤーがある。左から右までの順番は過去、現在、未来である。過去の自分は水着を着ていて未来を望み、現在の自分はプールに入ろうとしている。未来の⾃分はプールから出て次のところに行く。近い人から背景までも三つのレイヤーがある、前景の⼈人物は今現在、真ん中のプールは近い将来、プールの中で沢山の自分が違うことを行っている。背景のプールのライフガードは遠い未来だ。
The people in the painting are all looking at each other, suggesting that no matter what we have done in the past, what we learned now, what is going to happen, we are still the same person. There are lots of times we wish we could go back to the past and fix the things we did wrong, or, when facing something difficult, we question our future self to see what we can do, or question whether we can be successful in the future.

Everything we choose to do now affects what will happen in the future. People are always regretting what they have done in the past. They wish to travel back in time, or skip the present to be in the future.


Through the planes of length, depth and time, everything in this painting is connected. When I was little I looked forward to growing up, while growing up I wanted to go back to the past.  As I am finding my way in life i have sought to explore how we find ourselves here.


 - BP portrait award 2019, second round selected - 

Thank you!
"Life" 2018. Sep-Dec

"Life" 2018. Sep-Dec

Graduation work 2018

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