Data for Culture – exhibition intro
Exhibition & Signage
Results of the study of Katowice’s cultural events presented through of maps and data visualisations.
Even a few years ago, no one would have conceived a thought of Katowice becoming a city associated with culture. Yet, following a brief but intensive period of investment in its cultural infrastructure and cultural events, 2015 saw Katowice join the exclusive international club of UNESCO Creative Cities. Has the city undergone a true cultural revolution? Is Katowice’s current en-vogue status just a passing fad, or could it be a herald of major changes in the city centre?

In order to find out, we teamed up with cultural researchers, designers, programmers and analysts to study responses given by 3 633 participants in over a dozen local events, and analyse tens of thousands of posts published in social media and web-based information services. Although the presented results do not offer ready-made solutions and answers, they certainly do provide the data and tools necessary for the discussion and decision-making needed to navigate the city’s future development paths. For more details see the Medialab Blog. This part of project is an intro to the main exhibition situated in gallery Engram in Katowice – City of Gardens building.

Made in collaboration with Waldek Węgrzyn
Wayfinding by Wzorro & Anna Kaleta

Data for Culture – exhibition intro
Multiple Owners
Paulina Urbańska