Middle-earth™ : Shadow of War™ -
Middle-earth™ : Shadow of War™

Not too long ago we’ve been given the opportunity to create elaborate environments for the sequel of the well-known game “Middle-earth™ : Shadow of War™”.

The team at Monolith gave us great artistic freedom to visualize the vision for each tribe and location. Needless to say it has been a pleasure creating for them.

During the project we focused on research for all the various times of the day
(e.g. golden hour) and to capture as much of the characteristics as possible within the scene. Taking into account weather effects, tribe societies and simply displaying daily routines as ordinary orc.

Client: WB Games | Monolith

Henrik Bolle – Creative Director
Tobias Mannewitz – Illustrator
Valentin Lessnerkraus – Production Coordinator
Floris Didden – Illustrator
Viktor Jonsson – Illustrator
Kirill Barybin – Illustrator
Sven Sauer - Illustrator
Benjamin Schulte – Illustrator
Sebastian Gromann – Illustrator