Dull Life
Wiktor Bartman & Marcin Michalak Animation 
A short animated film „Dull Life” was made by Marcin Michalak and Wiktor Bartman. The “Dull Life” is a students work. Before realization we had a basic idea about modeling. During our work we have been learning how to rig, and what is more important , how to animate a character. Not saying about writing a scenario, drawing a storyboard or making an animatic. All this work with adding the sound took us about 4-5 months. The animation was created in Maya, post production in After Effects and sound design in LogicPro.

Middle-aged man, who leads a gray life of a typical office worker, with great love takes care of his briefcase. One day, being busy at work, he does not notice a disappearance of love of his life.Extremely unhappy because of the loss he begins to look for it. But he is not willing to change his attitude to imaginary values even in the face of forthcoming destruction.
Concept, storyboard and animatic
Instead of using motion capture we focused on hand craft animation