Barista Script - Free Font by Hendra Pratama

For many years i've been created so many monolined - hand lettering that just looks like this font. Connected like noodles or a rope, from start to end of the letter perfectly.

The stenciled or the cut-off shapes from Barista Script not only will make your typography looks like a rope formed into a flow connected letters, but also will make your type designs like it is made from a custom hand lettering.
And many thanks to the OpenType technology for making this font development a lots more easier with the features such as Ligatures and Contextual Alternates.

For best experiences, i recommend to open the font with a program that support OpenType Features such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop CC.
Make sure to turn on "LIGATURES" and "CONTEXTUAL ALTERNATES" on your program, it will make designing with this font more easy for you.

Please see the preview image for details how to access alternate from the font.
Or just watch how to adding swashes to your letters here:

Not many OpenType Features added to this lovely font.
So far by now, the font only contains a complete basic latin characters, but i planed to updated this font with more alternates and more language in the future.
So stay tune or leave a comment.

With this font, you can create many of various typography design such as Logotype, short quotes, t-shirt design or a poster in a minutes, no effort at all!

And the best from all is..
This font is totally FREE!
No Bullsh*t!

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Barista Script is totally free, for both personal and commercial project.
But any kind of donations are also very appreciated.
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Barista Script - Free Font by Hendra Pratama

Barista Script - Free Font by Hendra Pratama

Barista Script - Free Font By HP Typework


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