Website design PNO-Products
Webdesign, coding (html,css,php), photography + Photoshop
Screenshot showing product presentation with image roll-overs and navigation dock at the bottom.
PNO-Products didn't have a website at the time it was integrated at the company I've been working at (Grafisch Bedrijf Hontelé-van Deursen). To be more precise: there was no promotional material available at all.

PNO is a highly specialised company that produces products like custom made binders (in dutch: ringbanden), vinyl pockets (portfolio etuis) and polypropylene packaging (PP cassettes).
Most products are (partly) hand crafted and all is made on demand. Therefore it was important to avoid an industrial look. The main focus offcourse had to be on the products.

All products were photographed and edited in Photoshop to make them stand out. Some had to be edited to replace logo's or print to respect copyrights. None of the products were enhanced to cover up anything.
The website isn't finished yet, but gives a good first impression of the company.

Visit the PNO-Products website to see it in action.
For the website I took all the pictures with my Canon and retouched them in Photoshop to make them stand out.