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    Giro chair

Giro chair
 ,designed for onesabsolute leisure and comfort, especially during intellectual engagement. This is a perfect piece of furniture if you have mostly indoor lifestyle, with lotsof time spent reading, or practicing a mostly inactive endeavor. It is easy tomake a perfect reading or home working spot based around this minimalist form,for not only it makes a perfect match with almost any other style, but alsobecause its functional side. All you need for hours spent with yourself can bestored very easy within your grasp.
 For all these reasons it makes Giro aperfect choice for hedonists of all kinds.
The goal of this design isachieved by using only approved, high-quality materials, and mastercraftsmanship. Minimalist form is produced as a fusion of modern householdnecessities with traditional materials, such as wood, and handmade blacksmithsteel.

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featured on designanddesign.com 16.04.2012

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Text written by Milos Petrovic