In our 19th release The Luminarium explores our more sinister side. We look for our deepest, darkest desires. Those things we wish for in the dead of the night, or that fit of rage. Our ghosts, our demons, the skeletons in our closets. The Luminarium presents The Dark Side of the Mind.

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White Wind; Dull Mind - Remi Chevalier
Extreme Stress Reaction - Kuldar Leement and Alastair Temple 
Smileyface Killer - Bobby Myers
Stronghold of Oblivion - Jonathan Maurin
Eradicate - Bobby Myers
Where Children Have To Go - Kuldar Leement
The Devils Teeth - Sebastian Hue
Saws Filled; The Murderer - Patryk Kwintal
Bitterness Dream - Maxime des Touches
Creating a Nightmarish Creature - Ptitvinc
Eclipse - Patryk Kwintal
Fragments of Freedom (Death) - Kuldar Leement
Eyes Black - Joakim Olaussen
Smile of the Red Assassin - Sebastian Hue 
Keeper of the Grail - Bobby Myers
Two Sided - Joakim Olaussen
Chimeras - Richard Davies
L'Amour, the Destroyer - Maxime des Touches
The Scream - Richard Davies
In The Darkness - Alastair Temple and Bobby Myers
Dead Space - Kuldar Leement
Away From Reality - Cristian Eres
Otherside - Jérôme C
An Insect, Pulling Strings In My Brain - Remi Chevalier
The Pirate - Leandro Bordoni
Lack of Reason; Mental Shrine - Remi Chevalier
Abonimation - Mike Yang
(D)evolution - Remi Chevalier
Three Sides of Me - Leandro Bordoni