Security Risk Advisors was founded in 2010. They are a boutique cybersecurity consultancy serving the Fortune 1000 and Global 1000 as well as innovative technology startups and mission-oriented non-profits. SRA hired Neff for a brand and website redesign in 2017 to capture a look that was closer to the advanced technology they work with every day.

While designing the new branding for Security Risk Advisors, it was important to keep in mind the advanced network and technology they use in their business.  The final logo is designed based on the strong connections that SRA builds with their clients and also alludes to the company’s different teams that work together to improve testing, detection and response capabilities.

The website for Security Risk Advisors was created as a tool to simplify the complex information about cybersecurity. We designed and developed custom tab system pages to structure the information in a user friendly layout. The merge of complex information in a simple, cohesive, and user friendly layout was designed to showcase how SRA guides their clients through an intricate process.

Security Risk Advisors