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    Work space organizing desk with multifunctional lamp. Winner: Lithuanian design prize GERAS DIZAINAS 2013
Workspace organizingdesk with multifunctional lamp.
It solves an open and closed storage problem and thus has a number of additional functional features. Lamp helps to organize things openly, all items are visible and easily accessible. The desk allows closed items storage and has enough space to work on the tabletop.
Also, another advantage of this project is the fact that these items can be used and sold separately.
Inorder to maximize the usefulness of the work surface, there are two cabinets installed into tabletop. One is forelectrical installation, wires and small devices, other for different officesupplies or work equipment. There is also another surface installed under theworktop that allows to organize documents or laptop when one or the other isnot used. Cabinet door opening onthe tabletop allows you to lead laptop cables.
Multifunctionlamp is used as a regular table lamp and also as storage place for differenttools. Lamp shape looks like it was bent from a single pipe,but it consists of three parts, itcan be combined in different direction which makes it possible to adapt the workplace toboth right-handed and left-handed. It is attached to the desk bya clamp, can be easily removed and used on the other desk, its kind ofsubstance and color accent.
Desk -                                                                       Lamp -
          Closedstorage space                                                Multifunctional
          Wireoutput                                                               Removable
          Enough space to work with laptop                             Suitable for left-handed and right-handed
         Characteristic form                                                    Lighting rotation
Photography: Darius Petrulaitis