GHOST, an image inspired by the big cats (Snow Leoprads) at the Howletts reserve and the Aspinall Foundation. 
I wanted to explore colour, natural territory, local indigenous peoples art in the form of textiles and wood block print. 
This image is of the illusive Snow Leopard shows him high in his Himalayan kingdon hunting at sunset
Freedom, many thing inspire me as a graphic designer and artist I am sharing with you some of my art/wildlife concepts I created some are based on the animals I saw during my spell working at The Aspinall Foundation. I wanted to explore colour, wildlife and human art in the form of textiles, wood block printing of the local indigenous people.This image was inspired by the possible return to the wild of 13 African elephants from Howletts Wild Life park near Canterbury Kent. free to roam the wilds of Kenya. 
Dawn Raid, a group of primates the gibbon often over looked because of other popular species, This abstract artwork plays with the colours of the dawn Javan rainforest inspired by this incredibly athletic animal which can clear over 9 meters in one movement while swinging from tree to tree. I wanted to capture the gibbons, movement, colour and human influences in the form of art in textiles, wood block printing of the local indigenous people.
Matriarch: Another excursion into abstract art mixed media Aug 2022

Howletts Annual report and accounts. Front and back cover plus sample spreads
The Aspinall Foundation new Autumn/Winter ad campaign 2022/23. WONDERFUL BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM.
The Aspinall Foundation - Re-wilding HERO poster collection
The Aspinall Foundation quarterly magazine. Art Direction, Design and artwork for Wildcry magazine membership information on our re-wilding projects around the world April 2022
The Aspinall Foundation - Design and Illustration for Ashford Designer Retail Outlet empty unit  vinyl window display
The Aspinall Foundation quarterly magazine. Art Direction, Design and artwork for Wildcry magazine membership information on our re-wilding projects around the world. October 2021
The Aspinall Foundation Design and artwork Adoption box design
Port Lyme Hotel and Reserve, Design and  artwork of new directional map
Aspinall Foundation Port Lympne and Howletts Wildlife Park and Reserve. Briefed to create new enclosure information signs (148 individual Posters)
Romeo & Juliet production for Stafford Shakespeare festival unfortunately cancelled due to COVId, June-July 2020
Thanet Swim Club, East Kent's premier swim club new rebranding including Poolside Shirt and Race Cap . The branding is inspired by the bravery of the people and families of Thanet during WWII. Manston Airfield and the Battle of Britain and Ramsgate and Margates involvement in the Dunkirk evacuations.
The new Thanet Swim Club logo represent the past, present and future. Its strength, values, aspirations and inspirations, a brand which evoke confidence, trust, endurance and unity.
Thanet Swim Club and its logo are what makes us stand apart from the other clubs, its what makes us feel special with the confidence of being part of a great team, knowing we have the support and belief of our coaches, parents, family, teammates and community. This is who we are. We are ...TEAM THANET.
Down in the Woods the new album from The Flight on Audionetwork.
Brilliant collection of True Detective styled tunes ready to use on any Film, Viideo commercial project.
National Theatre connected poster concept for the Clore Learning Centre
Clore Learning Centre Poster and typographic art concept for the National Theatre
Clore Learning Centre Poster and typographic art concept for the National Theatre
Scoring Sessions
Logo design for the music collection based on the SS typography and a graphic sybol of a film camera shutter
Scoring Sessions - Key art plus 8 inner album artworks
the sessions have been produced to provide bespoke scores for Film, TV and advertising.
Audio Network-Album cover and soundtrack artwork
Making Freedom - An exhibition celebration 175th anniversary of the 1838 emancipation of nearly a million slaves in the caribean.
This project was designed, printed and installed in the Royal Geographical Society within 8 weeks of briefing.
The exhibition was housed for 2 months through November and December 2013 at the Royal Geographical Society. It now stands in the House of Parliament, Westminster until June 2015.
Drawn from Stone, Museum Branding excersise
Treasure Island by Mark Millington.
Theatrical poster created for the National Theatre.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers Theatre poster art created in association with CD Charlotte Wilkinson.
Created for the National Theatre
Following Electric Hotel (Mayfest 2010) and Motor Show, this is the third collaboration between theatre director David Rosenberg (co-founder of Shunt) and choreographer Frauke Requardt. The Roof is a truly unique experience taking place in a spectacular purpose built auditorium designed by Jon Bausor, set designer for the Paralympic opening ceremony. Sound & music is by Dave Price.
A door opens and an immaculate fifigure steps out onto a roof. Knives are sharpened and the game begins... Set within the suspended reality of a brutal and unforgiving game, this breathless mix of intimate three dimensional sound and the hair-trigger movement of free running will transport you into the body of a reluctant hero, desperate to stay alive.
White Label Productions branding design

Explore Records branding and packaging design
The Tarantino effect
Hero set
Darkside set
10" vinyl packaging artwork
The return of vinyl, well its been a while I've just created the design and artwork for Eric Whitacres new packaging and 10' vinyl for his choral cover of Depeche Modes, Enjoy The Silence, released November 11th. The artwork was a creative nod toward the excellent original cover art and also Eric's creative vision to take the 1990 classic into a new direction.
Unearthing a book by Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins

Sample spreads from the fabulous new book from Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins. 
Designed by Mark and full of stunning images juxtaposed with beautiful typographic art. Released Feb 7th 2013.

“The men of Unearthing are only marginally of this plane of existence, and what they’ve created is positively out of this world.” -- The AV Club

“Steve Moore, who lives in the same room he was born in 61 years earlier, is a living metaphor for the history, geography and geology of Shooter’s Hill and a conduit to the Greek gods and spiritual manifestations... Is it great art? Yes!” -- N.M.E.

“A tribute to a colleague and mentor and a demonstration that Moore has transcended the boundaries of the graphic novel.” – The New York Times

Unearthing spread detail
Unearthing (Spread Detail)
Unearthing spread detail
Unearthing spread detail composite produced in photoshop and Cinema 4D

Unearthing spread detail.
Wind in the Willows (Anarchy Concept)
Wind in the Willows (Classic Concept)
Batman Live at the O2
Batman Live at the O2 poster, ads and web
Matilda (U.S. Concept Art)
Matilda (U.S. concept art)
Classic Fm/HMV Full Works series ( producing all cover illustrations and Design)
Tinker Tailor (Teaser Concepts)
Tinker Tailor (Poster Concepts)
Woman in Black Concept posters
Tricycle Theatre - Arabian Nights Poster art
Tricycle Theatre - Paper Dolls (Poster concept)
John Eliot Gardiner (CD series)
Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy (Typo Concept Art)
Babels Tower (London Arts Festival poster concept0
Levi's (Ad and store campaigns)
Various Logo designs
Welling Partnership - complete corporate rebranding
MGPA Intergrated campaign for Asia Forum Conference
DECCA Music International branding exercise
Prospectus concepts
Bach, 96 CD collectors box (Warners Classics and Jazz)
Poster for The Complete Works of Shostakovich (Art inspired by the Constructavist movement)
All packaging and design by Mark Millington
Spread detail from the book The Works of Serge Prokofiev Enfant Terrible
Personal project
MarkM Folio Art 1


MarkM Folio Art 1