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Buyers are People Too
Buyers are People Too


Buyer: Daniel Werner

Since when have you been a buyer?
Since well over four years.

What is the store’s philosophy and concept?
14oz. is not about fast moving fashion trends, at 14oz. we offer a traditional wardrobe, items which we believe every man shouldhave in his closet: a sturdy trench coat, a solid pair of denims, a nice hat, abow tie and a good white shirt, to name a few. Quality is what matters to usand not the name of the brand or what trend is hot today. We carry productsthat can literally last a lifetime.
What inspired the interior design?
Since all 14oz. stores are accommodated in relativelyold, historical buildings, we only keep furniture that coheres with theatmosphere of the building. As such, it is very important that every piece offurniture in the store has a story to tell. 14 oz. combines valuabletraditions with contemporary spirit on all levels.
Which labels define the collection and why?
Nigel Cabourn, Mackintosh, Levi’s Vintage and Tricker’sare all brands that represent our values of functional, hand made, high qualityclothing that carry a certain historicity. 14 oz. is proof of how modern valuescan be.
What makes 14oz. special?
We do not follow fashion trends, we really stay trueto our ideas and we stick to our style code. And we strongly believe in thelabels we sell. Another thing that sets 14oz. apart is that we don’t just sellbits and pieces of the brands, we offer a whole range of each brand to presentthe brand properly in our stores. In so doing, brands can actually receive theright space and the attention they deserve.
Which items do you consider must haves this season?
We are not trying to be trendy, it’s good basics thatcount. That said, Tricker’s boots and a warm winter parka are definitely a musthave and wardrobe basics in winter.
Of which label do you expect a lot within the next twoyears, and why?
There’s a small denim label Tellason that we justbought, that I believe can go skyrocket. Apart from basic shirts and jackets,they offer four types of denim cuts, whereby the used fabrics are unwashed andraw. That way, the clothing builds character.
Which store, apart from yours, do you considerinspiring in terms of the collection being sold?
Burg und Schild in Berlin has a nice collection, butalso Tenue de Nîmes in Amsterdam is super. And the vintage based, exclusivewing of Ralph Lauren, with their Double RL stores in the U.S, is a definitefavourite too.
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Buyers are People Too

Buyers are People Too

An interview with the buyer & store manager of 14oz. Daniel Werner, on the recent opening of a new 14oz. store in Berlin and the truly daring con Read More


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