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    This ear ring is one of the concepts i made for the theme seduction,where i tried making it myself by hand using a gold wire and a stone.
Is it just the neck that tempts a man to seduce his girl???? 
A classroom project to design contemporary jewelry for an evening party inspired from the theme seduction.
i developed a form to express various levels of passion that a person experiences in the process of seduction.

However intense seducing can get between one and other,
the point where it originates is of importance in the process of seducing, it swirls around, hinting and tempting each other to enhance every stage along with time.
Thus making the final stage of seducing a memorable pleasure that the couple could cherish through out.
Which is where i tried showing the energies they have put in to reach that stage , through the stone which is the  precious thing that holds them safe and lively through out   
And so show it off......:)