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FLORAMEDEX – Medical Cannabis Dispensary


FloraMedex is an upscale, medical cannabis dispensary based in Elmwood Park, on the northwest side of the city of Chicago. The knowledgeable team at FloraMedex provides high-quality medical cannabis and cannabis-related products such as capsules, dry flower, concentrate, edibles, vape cartridges, oils, tinctures and topicals. The staff is trained to identify—and customize—the best-suited strains for any particular medical cannabis need.

FloraMedex is proudly housed within the brick and timber structure of a former tool and die building. The industrial shell of the dispensary is complimented by the dispensary’s inviting interior—a relaxed and stress-free environment— designed by Curioso, our partner agency, who is well-known for its unrivaled creations. La Tortillería collaborated with Curioso to imagine, design and build FloraMedex’s branding. 

The dispensary’s aim was to create a very specific identity platform, one that would effectively communicate their desire to become the industry’s newest standard. We started out by researching the traditional health institution emblems and our inspiration was ignited. We took several iconic elements from the pharmaceutical industry, such as the international crosses used as signage for drugstores and combined them with the well-recognized cannabis leaf. The result is a recognizable logo which represents the type of business FloraMedex is in, and expresses the serious and formal quality of the brand, an aspect very much needed in a health and wellness centered industry.

The visual identity toolbox is completed with a simple and readable sans serif typography, as well as a two-color palette comprised of a modified green—which appeals to young generations—and a very cool gray oriented to engage a more mature audience. 



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