Guinness Made of More - Rockstar
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    Cannes Lions 2013 : BRONZE Spikes Asia 2012 : SILVER
Made of More - Rockstar

In launching Guinness' new brand positioning of "Made of More", a rockstar's life journey was communicated in an iconic Guinness pint. A technique called illustrative photo collage was then used to execute the piece as it creates a realm where the rockstar's life journey sat. The mixture of both illustration and photography comes into play as one scene leads to another as the story unfolds from bottom to top not only symbolising the flow of a surge when a Guinness is poured into the ever so iconic Guinness Perfect Pint but as well as telling the "more moments" the rockstar puts in his passion and how he climbed to the top. When viewing the artwork from far it just look like a refreshing pint of Guinness but on a closer look, the details truly brings out the idea of how Guinness is Made of More