6 million passengers walk through Malta International Airport every year. Our goal was to help these passengers, as well as non-travelling visitors, see MIA as more than just an airport - it’s 
also a perfectly convenient place to shop and dine.

We concentrated on the human emotions surrounding the MIA shopping experience. We put ourselves in the shoes of the quintessential shopper, who gets excited by new products and is always looking to find the best quality for the best value.

In collaboration with London-based photographer Stephanie Galea, we designed and art directed two campaigns: a Landside campaign visible to anyone visiting Airport including non-travelling visitors, and an Airside campaign targeting travellers hopping onto a flight. Colour emerged as the hero in both.


We wanted to highlight Landside as the ultimate shopping and dining experience that everyone should try - from those waiting for their loved ones to arrive from overseas to anyone looking 
for a different hangout destination. This is how the tagline First stop: Taste & try came about. 

Experimenting with different colours and textures, we created fun visuals packed with style, showing people interacting with the wide range of food and products on offer at Landside. 


All MIA travellers come across the shops at Departures. But how many of them actually 
the time to stop and browse before boarding their flight? The tagline Last call: Shop & fly 
signified our shift in focus onto the products and brands themselves.

For the Airside campaign visuals, we maintained a vibrant colour scheme similar to the 
Landside campaign. We also incorporated the subtle human touch of hands reaching out 
for the must-have brands exclusively available from Airside.


To emphasise the versatility and convenience of the MIA shopping and dining experience,
we brought both campaigns together in an upbeat TVC that showcases everything this 
experience has to offer - from top luxury brands to popular convenience stores. 

MIA Shopping 2017