The Project

The Positive Negative Magazine was a class project for Editorial Design at RIT under the instruction of Lorrie Frear and Denis Defibaugh.  The class was split evenly with graphic designers and photographers.  The designers and photographers teamed up and created 3 different spread per team.  I had the pleasure working with Kelsey Wagner on all 3 spreads, 2 of which made the cut into the finished, printed piece.

Where I Fit In
My role in designing and producing the magazine changed throughout the 7 weeks we had.  I was the designer and collaborator on the 3 article assignments, I served as production editor along with 2 others to ensure every spread was ready for print and I aided on various photography shoots to get the pictures needed for the cover composition.

More info to come...
I helped with the photography shoot when the photographers went to shoot the alleyway. This image is a composite of the on location alleyway shoot and an in-studio model shoot.
Death Before Decaf - Article 1
This was our first article themed around the dangers of caffeine addiction.  This article did not make the cut for the magazine.
Juggalove: Why I Would NEVER Date A Juggalo - Article 2
Our Second article was about the various offenses of Juggalos.  I personally aided Kelsey with the photoshoot so we could collaborate about various compositions and kinds of photographs that we wanted.  We wanted to talk about the negativity associated with Juggalos, supporting it, and give the overall article a light-hearted, whimsical feel.
5 Ways to get Kicked out of Your Own Party - Article 3
Our final article was photographed and designed along side checking the entire magazine.  This article was a story about Alex.  Alex goes through the list we determined to be the 5 worst things you could do in order to get kicked out of your own party.