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    Metal Masters 4: Study in branding and cross promotion between print and web.
The Metal Masters is a series of clinics/concerts Samson Technologies has been putting on since 2011. They consist of some of the biggest names in metal history coming together to discuss method, teach and, most importantly, blow the roof off whatever venue they happened to invade with their legions of fans.

Metal Masters 4 was a bit of a game-changer. After three successful shows in New York City and Los Angeles, I was charged with the task of creating a brand that would follow the clinics from here on out. This was no easy feat, as up until this point, I had given each clinic it's own identity and "theme" in regards to the posters, advertising and other materials that it required.

I started as I always did; the poster. The poster would act as a giveaway to fans, as advertising and would set the tone for everything else from there on out. Considering the eight larger-than-life personalities headlining the show, it was also the biggest task.
Since this clinic was being held at the Gramercy Theater, I utilized it's unique facade to start my layout.
When it came time to find a place for the artists, I decided to keep the brick texture and to hide each person within this web of graffiti. I sprayed several lines and bursts in spray paint on a large piece of paper and, through the use of photographs, incorporated them as my separations.
I then went back and simplified the "Metal Masters: 4" logo to better suit this graffiti theme I had created.
With all those elements in place, I was then able to break off the numerical portion of the logo and use a simplified version of it as our new, official Metal Masters badge.
From there, everything fell into place. I created a Facebook page dedicated solely to Metal Masters where we could keep fans up to date on the event and host giveaways both before and after the show.
We partnered with Revolver Magazine and blasted the clinic with a website takeover.
As for the big day, I created custom drumheads to line the stage, as well as a large twenty-foot-high stage graphic featuring an all-vector version of our latest exercise in branding; Metal Masters.