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    This is my reel from the fall of 2007.
2007 Fall Reel
Works completed during time at Belief-Design, King & Country, Nylon, Colourmovie, Rehab, and personal pieces. Some works were only designed by me, some were only animated, and some were  both designed and animated by myself.

For a more detailed credit list and other boards not included, please visit zero-version.com
This is the cut that appears on my site. Edited to a cutdown of 'Trina7000 (Trina Kills xtended edit)' by Mr. Oizo.
This is an alternate cut of mostly all the same clips to 'Lightspeed' by Matt & Kim. I love this record and especially this song. I wanted to try something a little different from the standard glitchy electro that I and many people wind up using.

After some negative feedback from friends ('the work looks good, but I'm not totally stoked on the song' usually), I resigned to the top version.

What do you think?