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Tree, Rock, Grass, Clouds & Sky Rendered in Vue, composed in Photoshop.
Rocks Trees and clouds rendered in Vue, composed with gravel road & lake image in Photoshop.
Clouds, Trees rendered in Vue, composed in Photoshop with construction elements.
Pure Photoshop.
Road rendered in Cinema4D, trees, green zone and clouds rendered in Vue, composed in Photoshop.
Building block rendered in Cinema4d, composed in Photoshop.
Colorado Spruce.
The Colorado Spruce (Colorado and Utah State tree) grows of preference in pure or mixed conifer woods, on very humid soils, even in bogs. It is extremely cold-resistant. It is often also used for urban decorations of city parks, because of the elegant shape.
Austrian Black Pine
Also known as European Black Pine, The Austrian Black Pine is often used as pioneer species on wasted areas, because it tolerates arid soils.
Rocks designed with hyperblob technique and displaced with use of QuadSpinner MDK 1.1 Metanodes.
Terrain Drafting.
Weathered boat model with custom texture and ecosystem.
All rocks made with Hyperblob technique.
Freshly baked rock ready for composition in Photoshop !