To Piano sta Forte tou
Client: Stefanos Nasos
Responsibilities: art direction, graphic design and illustration
I was hired by Stefanos Nassos, a talented Greek pianist, to help him develop a professional identity and all the graphic material to promote a piano recital he has planned for the 2012-2013 season.
The recital is called “To Piano sta Forte tou” (“The Piano in its Forte”) and it is a gathering of 5 great, young Greek pianists who are all really well-known around the world for their talent.

The idea was to create something classic but with a young and fresh approach and at the same time, something that would emphasise the “play on words” of the recital’s name.
So I designed a really classic and bold logo in a traditional BODONI (which is a really common font on the title page of piano scores), while the colours, the drawing of the piano and the general layout follow a really simple and clean pattern.

To draw attention to the play on words, I have used 2 different contrasting colours: red to identify the FORTE and blue, to represent the PIANO.

The programme is folded in an unusual way so that it is easy to look through and to handle.
In fact, if you open it from one side, you just spot the dates and the programme. If you open it all, you can see the programme as well as the relevant pianist of the day.