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    A cosmetic display unit for the Barbara Daly brand in Tesco.
Retail Design Associates (RDA) won a creative pitch and competitive tender against three of the leading POP manufacturers in the UK to design, develop, source and project manage the Barbara Daly Cosmetic Fixture which is now in the top 400 Tesco stores.

During the roll-out of the fixture in 2009, RDA and it's supply chain were voted best supplier by Tesco, which was a fantastic achievement when you consider we were up against other suppliers such as Diam, Artform and Pointer. We also designed, sourced and project managed the Collection 2000 unitry for this roll-out, which was equally successful.

Since then we have been retained by Tesco to provide the brand with graphic design, product photography, temporary FSDU's and all merchandising guidelines and project management support.

The Barbara Daly fixture uses a lightweight 'chasis' or inner carcase that simply slides inside the larger outer carcase in store. The chasis is constructed from melamine faced MDF, mild steel and high impact styrene.

LED shelf edge lighting provides illumination to the front facing of all products with power provided by a simple 12V plug and play jack plug system.

Product display 'cassettes' are a mixture of injection mouldings, PETG vacuum formings and acrylic fabrications. Some benefit from a push feed product dispensing system also designed by RDA.