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    After a year from the adventures of the first season, the protagonists of Stranger Things are back on Netflix, and with them, the sleeping nightm… Read More
    After a year from the adventures of the first season, the protagonists of Stranger Things are back on Netflix, and with them, the sleeping nightmare of an "upside-down" world. What initially looked like a normal launch, it soon proved to be an incredible journey inside the exciting world of the show. After all, when you stare into the abyss of Stranger Things, the same abyss stares back at you. An abyss made of mysteries, plot twists and monsters ready to emerge from the dark. Read Less

After a year, the protagonists of Stranger Things are back on Netflix
and with them, the nightmare of an upside-down world. A nightmare we made real by bringing the upside-down to Italy 
through an integrated campaign that led the whole country into the stranger season of the year
Thanks to a dynamic mix of unconventional touch-points, we brought to life an impending threat coming 
from the sky and made it the first line of a story designed to take the audience on a journey into the show’s events. 



We launched the show with a very transversal kick-off based on the upcoming storm.
This approach consisted in a focus on the the strange, red cloud starring in the official visual. 

The maxi-billboard placed in Darsena led the second phase of the campaign by showing the collision 
between the real world and the one of the show, always fighting the threat of an upside-down invasion.

On the 27th of October, we pretended that a monstrous presence inside the billboard had managed to escape. 
Traces of its passage were everywhere, both offline and online. 

​​​​​​​On that day, Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) advised the Italian audience about the threat of an upside-down 
invasion thanks to a video which was at the heart of the YouTube MastHead.

On the date of the show’s release, we also brought the upside-down to Netflix itself.

The communication left on the monster’s traces was a message from the Hawkins Power and Light.
The surprise was Dustin, who interfered to alert the caller about the upcoming thread.

The role of Dustin was played by us. We prepared to answer different questions 
and to engage the user with unexpected images and vocal messages. 
At the end of the call, users automatically received an SMS with the “sightings map” to start the hunt for the traces. 

Few days after the weather forecast and the monster hunt, we witnessed an authentic miracle: 
the sky itself got stranger. And everybody knew who to blame.

Executive Creative Directors > Livio Basoli & Lorenzo Picchiotti
Senior Copywriter > Nicolò Carrassi
Senior Art Director > Luca Riva
Account Manager > Anna Norelli
Integrated Production Director > Matteo Pecorari
Producer > Simone Raddi
Post Production Supervisor > Seba Morando
Motion Designer > Marco de Benedictis
Digital Executive > Mirko Mantellato