I Tuscani 3

10 x 2 m, acrylic and marker
Collaboration between Federico Bria and artist Marco Degl'Innocenti, also known as Brucio, for a well known florentine restaurant, whose speciality  is the "bistecca alla fiorentina" made exclusively the florentine way.
The commissioners dream was to have represented their story, from the opening of the first restaurant, I Tuscani 2, near the Museum "Marino Marini", to the birth of the third, I Tuscani 3, near the home of Dante Alighieri,
and the fourth one, I Tuscani 4, close to the Piazza Santa Croce, all places in the middle of this historical city.
We drew a city landscape with all the places above mentioned, in a quite logical way as if you could walk trough Florence and meeting all the "Tuscani" in their almost real locations.
Some of the little guys drawn on the wall are people of the crew working there.

Thank you

Work in progress
Some details
I Tuscani 3