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Digital Coach for Online Retailers

Conversational visual questionnaire for online retailers
Die Post (Swiss Post), 2017

Filling out questionnaires is always boring? Not with Swiss Posts E-Commerce Coach. In 2017, we were commissioned to implement a complex questionnaire aimed at E-Commerce retailers. Questions on that theme enabled us to provide competent advice to retailers, and to put together a suitable range of services.

We decided to implement the questionnaire as a Chatbot. In cooperation with a professional copywriter, the content was packed into small chat messages. Tailored to the user's answers, a natural, entertaining conversation develops with the ‘coach’, during which the customer receives personally relevant information and helpful tips in either German, French, Italian or English. In addition, they receive all information as a personalized, visually consistent PDF analysis.

The look and feel is based on the design of classic chats and combines the icons specially developed for Swiss Post with the strong, full-area corporate color palette and reduced graphic forms. The interface is fully responsive and works on smartphones, desktops or tablets.

Digital Coach for Online Retailers
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