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Upgrading Home to Bring Maturity in Design
You may remember the time when you would love to see posters on the walls. Most of you would like to remember Polaroid pictures which you and your friends would stare at with a sense of pride. Those were definitely good old days to remember. While you may have a sense of happiness while looking any of those things still left, you may also feel that it’s now the time to move ahead and give overall design a maturity which is definitely not possible with posters, casual pictures and stuffed animals around he bed. You can be a kid at your heart, which is definitely something good, but you don’t need to stick with the immature designs of your childhood to express that feeling.

Having that said, maturity in home décor is something which can give you a sense of maturity. What is a ‘mature’ design? Well, there are some features which can help you know the answer of this question.
Framed mirrors

One of the items related to teens’ rooms is the unframed and chipped mirror. You should get rid of those mirrors by leaving them in the dorm’s rooms. To bring some classiness in the design, you can pick framed mirrors. Frame of the mirror can help you bring a style of your choice in the room.
Area rug

Teenagers usually do not care if there is or isn’t a carpet on the floor. This is the carelessness you would want to get rid of because carpets do not only make the room look beautiful, but they also tend to develop a sense of coziness which you would love to feel while sitting in the room.

Headboard is something you would never find in the dorm’s rooms. In fact, it’s something which belongs to such casual places where the design is something quite unnecessary. When you are in your home living a practical life, you need to bring some design in the living areas of your home. Your bedroom's design is never complete if there isn’t a headboard with your bed.
Matching towels

This one is the easiest upgrade you can consider. You can bring in matching towels to give your bathroom the much needed design element. Since there are towels available with a variety of designs, you can pick one which would do well with the overall theme of your bathroom.
The coffee table

It’s time to say goodbye to the out-of-the-box coffee table which you can disassemble after use. These types of tables are neither good looking nor durable. So, you can move to specific hard coffee tables which are fixed on the place where you love to have your coffee.