The idea of Heavy was born after an analysis of the current flashlight market. Despite being produced by different brands, most utility flashlights all center around similar mechanics and aesthetics. With the focus on predictable and utilitarian design,  standards have been put in place that have created an almost uniform set of interaction / CMF guidelines that are rarely broken.
Idea Generation
With Heavy, I wanted to create a flashlight that served the same purpose, but was focused around an entirely new interaction point. Pulling inspiration from existing mechanics (such as the gradual twist), I quickly generated a range of concepts that brought new light to the flashlight market.
The concept I pursued involved a twisting head that would either turn on or turn off the flashlight depending on the direction it was rotated. I also utilized icons as a secondary method to convey the status of the light. Finally, as opposed to a cylindrical structure, I opted towards a rounded rectilinear form and combined it with vibrant colors to stand out from other flashlights on the market.
With the packaging of Heavy, my goal was to reveal certain details of the flashlight while obscuring others. To do this, I created a dual-material lid composed of frosted and unfrosted plastic. While the frosted plastic desaturates and slightly obscures the flashlight, the transparent plastic offers a glimpse at the color, as well as part lines and product text.
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