Resolutions Responsibility in Graphic Design
REsolutions Responsibility in Graphic Design
"The idea for this book was born in a course that looked at responsibility in graphic design. We were examining what responsibility means to a graphic designer, to the community, to the client and to our planet." 
Concept Marjatta Itkonen
Art director Pia Sissala
Managing editor Heidi Uppa
Editor Sarah Hudson

Graphic designers Maarit Hohteri
Anc Ciechanowicz

Photogtaphy of the team Maria Levina
Photography of the book Maarit Hohteri
Illustrations ShuHui Ko
Custome typeface Shiyang Shao
Infographics Shiyang Shao

Yuki Lam
Ko Shu-Hui
Shiyang Shao
Laura Rask Sønderskov
Emma Kantanen
Maria Levina
Tarja Savonen

Marjatta Itkonen
Anc Ciechanowicz
Vesa-Matti Juutilainen
Ningfeng Zhang
Pia Sissala
Heidi Uppa
Sunwha Park
Henri Paltemaa
Tania Grebenshchikova

Printing house Lönnberg Print & Promo
Paper Olin Rough High White 200g
Olin Rough High White 120g

Edition 700 copies

Aalto University
School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Resolutions Responsibility in Graphic Design