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    A New Logo for Hotel Resources
I was asked in 2012 to redo a logo for Hotel Resources,
which is a recruitment agency for hotels.

The first think I noticed was how much I didn't like the original logo, not becauseof how it looked but that it had no obvious connotations to what the company was.Also the name didn't immediately give it away either
which meant that peoplemight not respond to this company.

So I worked on improving the original logo and creating some alternatives that
might work better at representing the company.
Although I though it would be best to change the logo from the original to a new more representative one I gave them some reworkings of their original design.
After some discussions it was decided thatIdea 3 was in fact the one they wanted to use. I agreed as I felt thisrepresented them much better.

Some changes were made to the characters inthe logo to better represent the staff they usually produce. Other than thatthe logo stayed pretty much the same.