DCT is a tea company inspired by the Cherry Blossom Trees of Washington DC.
Apart from offering teas with this ingredient (Cherry / cherry) also provides quality
in these products of their natural elements, handcrafted and made with materials

The logo is formed by an imagotype.
The iconic element is a linear representationof 3 characteristic monuments in Washington DC:
- Capitol
- Washington Monument
- Jefferson Monument 
The placement of these elements is not randomly, they have been drawn left to right in order of older to newer.

The brand is made of 4 Pantone©:

The imagotype can be separated (icon - typography) in case the space is
reduced and does not reach the minimum size.
When typography is used alone, the designed icon in which it appears within
the T a space that will be named as "Freedom space".
Minimum size:
Icon Grid:
The Brand:
Thanks for reading! :)