12 Scrolls Society
Branding a secret society based off of a fictional character
Asked to create and brand a secret society based off a fictional character, I chose bespectacled Waldo from the book Where’s Waldo: The Fantastic Journey. My society, 12 Scrolls, aims for each member to gain a better understanding of others, themselves, and life itself. In doing so, one is delving into his/her/their consciousness and relationships—an idea I wanted to reflect in my poster. In order to create this deepening sense of space, I made a model (right) using the society’s color palette, shifting type scale, and placing layers in a cyclical shape, much like a scroll. I then photographed the model, shifted the orientation, and placed the calendar of events on top.
At each monthly meeting, members receive a scroll to help in their journey of enlightenment. The glasses, made with rubylith film, are used to decode hidden messages on scrolls, which tells members when and where the next meeting is. Each scroll is sealed with the society’s emblem, a red and blue circle that is an abstraction of the words “12 Scrolls” (it’s 3D type, viewed from the top!).
Poster detail. Fun fact: it is nearly four feet in length!
To begin my secret society process, I thought of words and phrases that were indicative of Waldo, then experimented with how these words could reflect the values of 12 Scrolls. Words used here are striped, worldly, curious, and spectacle. I wanted to play with the idea of being hidden within an environment (much like Waldo does), and the phrases I used sparked my idea to make decoder glasses that reveal hidden text.