Mutton Bustin' Poster
A hand-lettered, tea-stained poster utilizing icons to describe the sport of mutton busting
Reminiscing on my days as a Texan, I was inspired to share one of my favorite rodeo traditions: mutton busting (or mutton bustin’). Influenced by old rodeo posters and Wild West newspapers, I created an informational poster about the five traits a successful mutton buster must have: grit, a sturdy sheep, a safe strategy, the right gear, and superb form.
The header includes a half-tone image of a mutton buster, western-inspired hand lettering, and flourishes that abstract a hoofprint icon.
The initial concept was developing a set of five icons (sketches in the bottom right), which evolved to also include an intricate hand-lettered header for the poster (sketches on bottom left). The poster went through several drafts and tea-staining to get the desired rough-and-tumble look. The first draft, not tea stained, is on the top left. I then changed the orientation and layout further to get to the second draft (top center). I refined the hierarchy and content further to make the final poster (top right).